How to Name a Business, Legally

Every business needs a name. To tell customers what it is. To differentiate it from competition. And to identify it legally. Just like every person needs a name. And, just like naming a person, naming a business takes time, thought, effort, and communication. You can’t just go register a domain name on Go Daddy and be done with it. Business names have legal consequences. State and federal trademark laws prohibit your business name being confusingly similar to a trademark.

Does the Florida Real Estate Seller Need a Lawyer?

Whether selling a home or an office building, the seller of Florida real estate needs a lawyer.  Why?  Because the seller has two goals: get paid and avoid litigation. The lawyer's job is to help the seller get paid by preparing and negotiating the listing and sale contracts, helping the seller through the due diligence inspection period, and preparing or reviewing closing documents.  The real estate seller's lawyer can do the following:

Does the Florida Real Estate Buyer Need a Lawyer?

When buying real estate in Florida, the buyer needs a lawyer. Why? Because real estate is complicated. There are many pitfalls. And there is usually no one else to watch out for the buyer's legal interest. Brokers and closing agents usually aren't lawyers. They are usually transaction agents who don't represent either side. Only lawyers represent one side or the other. That's because ethical conflict rules prohibit lawyers from representing both sides of a real estate sale. So, Florida real estate buyers need lawyers to provide legal advice and represent their side of the deal.