Real Estate

  • Represented sellers and buyers in negotiating, drafting, closing, and litigating Florida real estate matters
  • Drafted, analyzed and litigated easement agreements
  • Represented landlords and tenants in drafting, analyzing, negotiating, and litigating leases of office, commercial, and industrial real estate in Florida
  • Authored two real estate legal forms books for West Publishing (now Thomson Reuters West)
  • Board Certified in Real Estate Law by The Florida Bar

Probate, Wills and Trusts

  • Prepared hundreds of estate plans with wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, and living wills for Florida residents
  • Represented beneficiaries, trustees, creditors, and personal representatives in Florida probate estate and trust court proceedings
  • Advised Florida trusts and probate fiduciaries and beneficiaries regarding routine and complex real property law aspects of probate and trust administration


  • Reviewed, drafted, negotiated or litigated hundreds of contracts in Florida
  • Authored 2 volumes of specialized legal forms and contracts for West Publishing
  • Taught Contract Drafting at Stetson University College of Law as an Adjunct Professor of Law


  • Advised and represented clients in formation and maintenance of corporations, limited liability companies LLC, partnerships and other business entities, and litigation of their rights
  • Authored the first corporate practice legal forms book published by West Publishing in digital format
  • Taught Law Practice Management at Stetson University College of Law as an Adjunct Professor of Law
  • Co-authored two additional business legal forms books for West Publishing


  • Advised nonprofits organizations in formation and maintenance of museums, religious, cultural and other nonprofit functions
  • Authored West’s Nonprofit Organizations legal forms book

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