Florida Statutes Section 732.524 Qualified Custodians for Electronic Wills Where Are You?

My article I Want to Sign an Electronic Will was published ten years ago in 2009, but it took the Florida Legislature until July 1, 2020, to come up with an effective law validating it in the Florida Probate Code: F.S. §732.522 now expressly allows electronic wills in Florida. But, there’s a catch: in order to be self-proving, the electronic will must be held by a qualified custodian.

So, where are these qualified custodians who can hold an electronic will under Florida Statutes Section 732.524? Google search after Google search have failed to turn up anyone willing to be custodian. But, it’s only July 11, 2020, as I write this post, so perhaps it’s too soon.

If you know of a qualified custodian for a Florida electronic will, please let me know. Here’s my email address: jim@jamesmartinpa.com.

Thanks for listening, all you silent qualified custodians out there.

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